02/09/2013 - BLoGston Marathon

11/26/2012 - 'Tis the season

Well, I guess this is my bi-annual blog.

What else can I say but "I've been busy".

To know me on the web (or the lack there of), is to love me

with great understanding and low expectation. But let me tell ya,

if ya bumped into me on the street, we'd be whooping ...view more

07/13/2012 - Been a long time, been a long time, been a ...

Around the world for sure. I don't have the energy to tell you about each amazing city we played to on our 2 and a half month tour this spring/summer 2012, but it was blissful. I tweeted about me buying a bike in Liverpool and riding it all over europe. ...view more

04/18/2012 - Around the world in 80 days...

but first... jet lag. It was once "he who not be named", but I have given in and admit I have jet lag. But after a little activity in the middle of the night (whatever gets ya thru), I will settle back down, maybe listen to a little James Taylor, ...view more

03/26/2012 - My mom may not know who I am...

But she does a pretty good job of making me feel like she does. I believe she knows there is a connection. She keeps it very simple when she talks to me. Partly I think because she knows that she can't quite remember but is still witty enough to know ...view more

12/24/2011 - Merry Christmas

Listening to my all time favorite Christmas album- Acoustic Christmas by "Various Artists"- so good and brings back so many Christmas memories of Old Green Hill, my house just outside of Boston I lived in for most of my very young adult life. Whoa, there were some good moments in ...view more